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Don't Call Me Coach

Don't Call Me Coach

Every coach wants to be called “Coach.” I have never liked that title. I wanted to be addressed by my first name, last name, or whatever name the kids needed to get my attention. To some people, that may sound a bit unconventional. Having the title “coach” may seem to grant power and authority, but that was never my pursuit.

CM1 Philosophy

Having the title “coach” can sometimes lead to a power trip. As a coach, I aspire to be more than that. I want to be a person these kids, athletes, or clients can trust, rely on, and feel comfortable around. I am just a person like they are, and I do not need a special title. The results of working with me speak for themselves. My coaching style and philosophy don’t require yelling or screaming at my clients to help them improve. The process is straightforward: they come to me and my team because they want to get better, and we put specific actions in place to determine immediately if they are committed to their goals. If it becomes clear that they are not serious, we politely inform them that they may not be ready for this level of commitment and that they should consider working with someone else.


Be a Lighthouse

We aim to be lighthouses in the lives of our kids, athletes, and clients. Do you know the purpose of a lighthouse? Its purpose is to warn ships of danger and guide them safely on their way. As coaches and mentors, we have a similar mission. My philosophy is one of guidance. I will not do the work for you because the hard work is a separate purchase. If you want to achieve greatness, you must desire it yourself. My goal for my staff and myself is to provide guidance along the way. We know when to push the right buttons, when to increase intensity, and when to offer support and encouragement.


Rather than imposing yourself on others, adopt the role of a lighthouse. I promise you that your clients will lean on you more, and you will achieve better results.


“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

With Strength,

Colin Masterson – Performance Coach

Employee – CM1 Performance

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