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We have all heard it; success is not a linear path.  Neither is failure.  But what is the one thing that holds most people back? FEAR.  What are we fearing? 

FDR said it best, “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” 

That holds true. 

What are the main things you are fearing? 





A quick rebuttal to each of these: 

Opinions – The only opinions that matter are the ones you truly value.  Everyone has opinions about what you should be doing, but only you know what’s truly in your best interest.    

Ego – A person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance. People will be disgruntled when you have an “ego.” To that, I would argue that yes you do, and you should.  If you aren’t going to be confident in yourself, why would you expect others to be confident in you?  

Critics – This one’s easy; fuck‘em.  If they aren’t adding value to you or your life, you are probably best cutting them from your life.  

Failure – YOU ARE GOING TO FAIL. We all are.  I read an awesome book a few years back called, “Failing Forward,” by John C. Maxwell.

The most valuable lesson I have learned about failure is speed.  Fail fast.  The faster you fail, the faster you can make the correction, and achieve success. Remember the opposite of success is not failure, it is giving up.  

Take a second and jot down what you are fearful of.

Now that you’re aware of these emotions, remember that they are always going to be there if you don’t do something about it.  

Sometimes the best things are right on the other side of fear. 

Much Love,

Colin Masterson