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Time For A Change? Update The Presidential Fitness Test!

Time For A Change

One of my biggest goals every year growing up was to pass the Presidential Fitness Test? Why? Because from a young age I was hooked on fitness and I loved competing against my peers.


The Presidential Fitness Test

  • Sit-ups – 1:00 min
  • Pull-ups 
  • Sit & Reach
  • Shuttle Run
  • 1 Mile Run

I remember I pass every year.  The hardest thing for me was the sit and reach test (long legs).  That being said, it wasn’t really a hard test, but I don’t recall many people passing all 5 parts of the test. Anyways thinking about that test, does that really capture fitness? 


I think we should revamp the test. We should treat it like a combine. We should train for it, test it and post it. 


Updated Test:

  • 10 Yard Fly
  • Vertical Jump 
  • Push-up Test 
  • Pull-up Test
  • Relative Goblet Squat Test
  • 2K Row 
  • 5K Run

Hear me out.  The overall fitness in the world is plummeting.  If you are in the fitness space and you look around you may disagree, but if you go to starbucks on any morning and sit there for an hour you will quickly change your mind and agree with me.  We are fatter than ever, our blood pressure is sky high, our energy levels are low and our sleep patterns suck as a society.  


What can we do about it? We can start from a young age, educating children on the importance of health and wellness.  Depending on where you grade out on the testing you will get classified into a group to train together for the following exam.  Exams can happen 4 times per year. 


We know that those with better health and wellness:

  • Miss less school, because they don’t get sick as often
  • Make better decisions
  • Improve nutrition habits
  • Improve sleep habits 
  • Are more confident

So why these tests?


  • 10 yard fly: Measures speed 
  • Vertical Jump: shows us power output. Keeps you athletic. Alternative to sprinting
  • Push-up Test: Upper body pushing strength
  • Pull-up Test: Upper body pulling strength
  • Relative Goblet Squat Test: using DB that weighs ½ your body weight you need to be able to perform 20 straight squats without stopping
  • 2K Row: Measures Aerobic Endurance
  • 5K Run: Measures Aerobic Endurance

I am open to options, but I know for certain that if these tests were trained and tested from a young age kids would have a better knowledge and understanding of health and wellness.  If we can keep kids engaged through high school I would like to imagine they would have a pretty high percentage of continuing exercising as a habit.  Kids give up on themselves too early. It’s never too late to make a change. Thoughts?


If you have any additional questions/comments please send me a DM @CM1_Peformance on IG.


With Strength,

Colin Masterson – Performance Coach

Employee – CM1 Performance

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