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The Transformative Power of Shifting from "Have To" to "Get To"


Welcome to a realm where passion, perseverance, and perspective seamlessly intertwine. As a seasoned athlete, coach, and business owner, I’ve traversed the exhilarating peaks and navigated the challenging valleys of pursuing excellence across various domains. Today, I am eager to share with you a pivotal perspective shift that has been the linchpin in my personal and professional journey—the transition from a “have to” mindset to the empowering “get to” mindset.


In the Arena of Athletics

The life of an athlete is characterized by its demanding grind—the countless hours of training, the sacrifices made, and the unrelenting pursuit of improvement. It’s all too common to approach these challenges with a sense of obligation, uttering phrases like “I have to put in extra hours” or “I have to push through the pain.” However, what if we dared to alter this narrative?

For instance, waking up early for Thursday morning practices during my senior year was a routine that didn’t necessarily align with my desires. Yet, instead of begrudgingly attending, I made a conscious decision to embrace the “get to” mindset. “I get to push my body, I get to spend this time with my teammates/best friends” transformed each training session into an opportunity, a privilege rather than a chore.


In the Coaching Arena

Coaching goes beyond the realms of sets and reps; it’s an art of shaping minds and cultivating a culture of excellence. The daily responsibilities of strategizing, mentoring, and navigating the dynamics of both teams and individuals can become overwhelming if seen as mere obligations.

Transitioning from “I have to motivate my team” to “I get to inspire and guide these incredible individuals towards their best selves” reshapes the coaching journey. It turns the role from a duty into a privilege, fostering an environment where athletes not only excel in skills but also thrive in character development.

I’ve often reminded my fellow coaches that, without the athletes we occasionally find challenging, our very jobs wouldn’t exist.


In the Business Arena

Running a business involves a delicate dance of decisions, challenges, and the occasional daunting task. It’s easy to become bogged down in the details, thinking, “I have to tackle this mountainous to-do list” or “I have to make tough calls.” Yet, what if we uncovered joy in every responsibility?

The shift from “I have to make impactful decisions that shape the future of my business” to “I get to make impactful decisions that shape the future of my business” transforms burdens into opportunities for growth. The “get to” mindset breathes purpose into each task, making the entrepreneurial journey not just a grind but a fulfilling adventure—one where the alternative, going back to work for someone else, becomes a distant thought.



The Power of Perspective

Why does this mindset shift matter? Because not everything on our to-do list ignites our passion. There will be days when tasks seem daunting, and the road ahead feels challenging. However, by embracing the “get to” mindset, we infuse enthusiasm into the routine, turning every obligation into a chance for excellence.

It’s about reveling in the process, giving our absolute best, and finding fulfillment in the journey. Whether in the arena, on the sidelines, or behind the desk, the “get to” mindset becomes the secret weapon in the pursuit of success.





With Strength,

Colin Masterson – Performance Coach

Employee – CM1 Performance

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