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The Transformative Power of Concentric-Based Movement


In the dynamic realm of performance training, a comprehensive understanding of movement phases stands as a cornerstone. Triphasic training, a pioneering concept credited to the illustrious Cal Dietz, thrusts the spotlight on three fundamental phases: Eccentric, Isometric, and Concentric. In this discourse, our focus narrows onto the often-underappreciated hero of the trio – the Concentric phase – and the profound impact it wields.



Harnessing Tempos for Optimal Performance

From an athlete’s inception into the world of training, the incorporation of tempos across all movement phases lays a solid foundation. The manifold advantages of integrating tempos encompass amplification of strength within diverse ranges of motion, refinement of technique, and the initiation of muscle fiber breakdown, which, in turn, spurs both strength and skill advancement.




Unveiling the Potency of the Concentric Phase

Diving into the realm of purely concentric work unveils a realm of distinct advantages that beckon both novices and seasoned athletes alike:


  1. Elevating Strength to Uncharted Pinnacles

Embarking on the journey of concentric-based training unfurls the extraordinary potential to surpass your one-rep max (1RM), effectively propelling strength gains to unparalleled heights.


  1. A Reprieve from Post-Workout Soreness

By strategically sidestepping the eccentric stress intrinsic to conventional training, concentric-based work exudes the capacity to drastically reduce post-workout soreness, facilitating swift recovery while preserving exceptional outcomes.


  1. Mastering Nuanced Range of Motion

Delving into the nuances of concentric work unveils an arena for meticulous refinement of partial range movements. Exercises like the pin press or Anderson squat find their zenith within this realm, allowing athletes to precisely target and enhance specific angles with surgical precision.


Strategic Timing: Embracing the Concentric Edge

As with any tool wielded by an athlete, the adept timing of concentric-based training is an art that demands attention. Consider these scenarios where this modality flourishes:


  1. Nurturing Strength Amidst the In-Season Hustle

In the throes of a competitive season, when preserving performance takes precedence, the realm of purely concentric work emerges as an invaluable asset. It facilitates the sustenance of strength without subjecting the body to undue stress.


  1. The Art of Supramaximal Brilliance

For those audaciously pushing the envelope of their physical limits, the concept of supramaximal training within partial ranges beckons. This technique, rooted in concentric-based principles, fosters intense muscular tension, amplifies neural stimuli, and fortifies the cerebral-muscular connection.


  1. Catapulting Speed and Power

In the domain of activities like sled pushes and medicine ball throws, which hinge on the ability to swiftly generate explosive force, the spotlight shines resolutely on concentric-based training. These movements, devoid of soreness-inducing eccentric components, serve as a potent catalyst to invigorate the central nervous system – a quintessential pre-game primer.



Tailoring the Concentric Approach: A Challenge for the Proficient

While the concept of concentric-based training holds immense promise, it’s paramount to acknowledge its status as an advanced tool. Novice athletes might not possess the nuanced understanding of the weight room required to extract its full benefits. However, for those intimately familiar with the intricacies of training, the realm of concentric-based movement serves as an uncharted frontier of potential.




In essence, the concentric phase stands as a beacon of explosive strength, finely tuned muscular engagement, and strategic utilization. By assimilating this often-overlooked facet into your training repertoire, you chart a course towards unlocking latent potential that propels you unerringly towards the pinnacle of performance. Always remember, the path to greatness is paved with innovative methodologies, and the embrace of concentric-based movement might well be the next quantum leap on your journey.

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