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The Secret to Building: Seeing it through

The Secret to Building: Seeing it Through

You want to build the secret to building something special? You want to build a recognizable brand or product? You want to create a community people want to become a part of? 

The secret to building something special: seeing it through.

In my short career, like anybody, I have had a plethora of ideas. Build a brand, start a fitness company. Open a gym. Go back into finance (jk that’s never been a thought).  

What I am realizing is that the message is the same from everybody and that success leaves clues.  Have an idea and see it through. The current situation of our environment is that we see everything on social media.  Overnight success, fast cash, fancy cars, you name it.   

You know the saying though, what comes up…..must come down.  Unfortunately for a lot of those quick come ups, it’s not sustainable.  

The Secret to Building: Seeing it through - Consistency

I pride myself on consistency, as do a lot of great brands.  When you commit to something you consistently show up, no matter what.  If it’s going to be worth doing, it’s going to be worth overdoing.  You need to stay consistent with yourself and your audience.  I recently listened to a podcast and it discussed Pat McAfee and his success.  McAfee, like him or not, has grown an enormous audience.  His number one rule was; “continue to show up for your audience, and treat everyday like it’s the first time they are engaging with you.” No matter what, if its a party of one of 10,000 you have to stay consistent because if not, in time the truth will come out  


The Secret to Building: Seeing it through - Adapt

Next, understand that the first rendition of your plan probably won’t stand the test of time.  You are going to have to adapt.  Notice I didn’t say scrap everything you’ve done and start all over again.  Adapting is going to be minor changes made along the way. Don’t be like Blockbuster, be willing to adapt.  Listen to your mentors.  Listen to your supporter and even listen to your critics.  Everything has value, as long as you are able to sift who that information is coming from.  Adapt or die

The Secret to Building: Seeing it through - Belief Over Self Doubt

Finally, in order to build something special you need to keep believing.  Trust the process of what you are building or have built is special. No matter what it is there will always be peaks and valleys.  Often the biggest obstacle you will face is self doubt.  The small voices from yourself or even others.  Through those times you need to revisit consistency and your ability to adapt.  I know for certain self doubt will creep in.  Even for myself with a little bit of momentum in my brand I often ask myself “am I on the right track?” “Will others buy into this?” That is when it is the hardest, but if you can break through that barrier I promise you it will be worth it!


In order to build something special, look for clues along the way.  Know that success isn’t a straight line.  There will be highs and lows.  There will be people who doubt you along the way.  Remember to see it though with consistency, adaptability and belief over self doubt.  We are all in this together.


With Strength,

Colin Masterson 

Owner – CM1 Performance 

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