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"What You Listen to Is What You Are: The Power of Influences on Personal Growth"


In a world filled with constant stimuli, it’s essential to recognize the profound impact that our choices and habits have on shaping who we become. From the company we keep to the media we consume and the food we nourish ourselves with, every aspect of our lives contributes to our personal growth. It’s often said that “you are what you eat,” but in reality, it extends far beyond that. This blog explores the idea that what you listen to, who you hang out with, what you eat, and how you work out all play integral roles in shaping your character, mindset, and overall well-being.


What You Listen to Is What You Are

The music, podcasts, audiobooks, conversations we choose to immerse ourselves in have a significant impact on our thoughts, emotions, and perspective on life. If you constantly surround yourself with negative or toxic content, it’s likely to influence your mindset and outlook. Conversely, engaging with positive, uplifting, and educational materials can inspire personal growth and foster a more optimistic mindset


Who You Hang Out with Is Who You Become

The people we spend the most time with inevitably shape our lives. We tend to adopt the beliefs, values, and habits of those we surround ourselves with. If you associate with individuals who motivate, challenge, and support you, their positive qualities are likely to rub off on you. Conversely, negative influences can hinder personal growth and limit your potential. Choosing your friends wisely and cultivating a supportive social circle is crucial for personal development.


People often say “show me your 5 best friends and I’ll show you your future”.  There is real truth there.  I have become very selective with who I hangout with.  I like to surround myself with those that are more successful, richer, more fit than I am to push myself to become the best version of myself.


What You Eat Is What You Become

The food we consume directly impacts our physical health, energy levels, and overall well-being. A diet rich in nutrients, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains promotes vitality and a strong foundation for personal growth. Conversely, a diet filled with processed foods, sugary snacks, and unhealthy choices can lead to lethargy, illness, and hindered cognitive function. Cultivating a mindful approach to nutrition empowers us to make choices that nourish our bodies and minds, enhancing our ability to thrive. 


I am a firm believer in you never know you are eating poorly until you eat healthy and you never know you are unhealthy until you become healthy. 


Recently I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what supplements that I take? 

Here is my list: 

  1. Creatine
  2. Protein 
  3. Amino Recovery
  4. Magnesium 
  5. Omega – 3
  6. Vitamin D


BUT, none of this matters if you aren’t doing the basics right! You can’t out-supplement a bad diet!

How You Work Out Is What You Become

Physical activity not only contributes to our physical fitness but also plays a vital role in our mental and emotional well-being. Engaging in regular exercise releases endorphins, reduces stress, and promotes a sense of accomplishment. The type of workouts we choose and the consistency we maintain directly impact our physical strength, endurance, and overall health. By making conscious choices to incorporate exercise into our routines, we cultivate discipline, resilience, and an active mindset that can extend beyond the gym.  

Don’t use the excuse of not having enough time.  There are always examples of people doing more with less, you have to commit, and the team at CM1 are to help


The choices we make in various aspects of our lives significantly influence our personal growth and the individuals we become. Whether it’s the media we consume, the company we keep, the food we nourish ourselves with, or how we engage in physical activity, each decision contributes to our overall well-being and character development. By being mindful of the influences we allow into our lives and making conscious choices that support our growth, we can shape a positive and fulfilling future. Remember, what you listen to is what you are, who you hang out with, what you eat, and how you work out is what you become.

With Strength,

Colin Masterson

Employee – CM1 Performance

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