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The Empowerment of Visualization

The Empowerment of Visualization

Years ago, in the summer leading up to my senior year at Ridley High School, I established a unique routine. As evening descended, I would tell my father I was going to  engage in additional conditioning to enhance my readiness for the upcoming football season. His response was a simple nod of approval. My proximity to the high school allowed me to embark on a short walk, headphones in hand, towards the football field. The distant glow of the stadium lights beckoned me from my home. It was a sight that had always stirred my childhood imagination. The dream of donning the Ridley Raider jersey and gracing that field was paramount in my young mind, a vision that carried tremendous significance.


Upon arriving at the stadium, I would initiate my workout by ascending the stadium steps, fueled by my choice of music. As perspiration poured, I’d pause for a refreshing drink of water and survey my surroundings. The solitude was exactly what I sought. I knew that, at that moment, I was alone; there was no one else pushing their limits alongside me. Occasionally, the stadium lights would extinguish, and this marked the moment I eagerly anticipated. Leaving the track behind, I would move onto the concourse, and it was here that my visualization journey commenced. I would envision the events awaiting me in my senior year, vividly practicing my entrances onto the field, igniting the crowd’s enthusiasm. With each lap, I rehearsed play calls, scrambling, throwing touchdowns, and securing game-winning runs. I remember the electrifying sensation that would course through me as I rehearsed spin moves and hurdled my way down the field. It felt remarkably tangible, as if the game was unfolding before my eyes. Following these immersive sessions, I would recline on the field, absorbing the intensity of the moment. My heart raced, and my body was drenched in sweat, but I needed to unwind before making my way back home.


When the season finally arrived, I found myself in those very moments I had visualized. I experienced a profound sense of composure, as though I had already lived those instances. While not every moment unfolded precisely as I had envisioned, the majority closely mirrored my mental preparations. My high school quarterback season was a resounding success, and I attribute a significant portion of my achievement to the months of visualization I had invested on those summer nights.


Now, twelve years later, I find myself immersed in visualization once more. This time, the stakes are HIGHER, and the lights are even BRIGHTER.


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With Strength,

Colin Masterson – Performance Coach

Employee – CM1 Performance

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