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Nutrition vs Exercise

What's more important: Inputs vs Outputs

As a fitness professional, I would say that both nutrition (inputs)  and workouts (outputs) are important, but nutrition may take a slight edge over workouts in terms of achieving fitness goals.

While exercise is crucial for building strength, endurance, and maintaining overall health, nutrition provides the foundation for those physical gains. Without proper nutrition, your body may not have the fuel it needs to perform at its best during workouts, recover effectively afterward, and make progress over time.  More importantly you need to find what provides the best energy balance.

Personally: Inputs (Inputs) vs Outputs (Exercise)

I personally follow a high protein (1g protein per lb of bodyweight), moderate carb, moderate fat diet.  I get most of my protein from animal sources (ground beef, turkey and chicken) and supplement the rest with protein shakes (usually 1-2) per day. I get a lot of questions about my high protein diet.  Personally I follow it because I understand the importance of maintenance and preservation of lean muscle mass for longevity.


Referring back to last week my outputs are generally consistent:

Monday: Strength -Total/Upper – Swimming

Tuesday: Track Speed Workout, Strength – Total/Lower

Wednesday: – Total Body/Pump

Thursday: Strength – Total/Upper

Friday: Strength – Total/Lower

Saturday: Distance Run (8+ Miles)

Sunday: KB Flow/Movement  


Strong Outputs (Exercise) vs Weak Inputs (Nutrition)

On the other hand, even if you have a perfect workout routine, it’s unlikely that you’ll achieve your fitness goals if your nutrition is poor. Therefore, as a fitness professional, I would emphasize the importance of a balanced, nutritious diet as the foundation for any fitness program.

To further elaborate, nutrition provides the building blocks for the body to function optimally and support physical activity. Proper nutrition helps to regulate energy levels, maintain muscle mass, reduce inflammation, support recovery, and promote overall health

Strong Inputs (Nutrition) vs Weak Outputs (Exercise)

In contrast, while exercise provides numerous benefits, it places stress on the body, which requires proper nutrition for recovery and adaptation to occur. Therefore, without adequate nutrition, the benefits of exercise may be limited, and recovery may be compromised.


Balanced: Inputs (Nutrition) vs Outputs (Exercise)

Remember, training for a marathon requires dedication, consistency, and patience. Don’t be afraid to seek advice from experienced runners or fitness professionals, and listen to your body throughout the process. There will be days you don’t feel like you can run/workout, but always remember slow motion is better than no motion.” Take care of yourself, stay committed to your training plan, and enjoy the entire experience from your first training day all the way through the finish line.

What's Next?

Next week I will touch on another limiting factor I often see in individuals that could kickstart a major change…Here is a hint



With Strength,

Colin Masterson 

Owner: CM1_Performance

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