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What’s the hardest part of doing most things? Starting. Whether it’s a diet, exercise program, new endeavor…etc. The fear of what others will think usually lingers in our mind as well as the risk of “what if things don’t go as planned? What if we shifted our mindset?

Instead of thinking “what if it doesn’t” we thought “what if it does!”

How often do we sit and put the thought into our mind that we are capable. Everyone who has ever achieved something started somewhere. We have all heard of the multiple failures before prevailing (Jordan, J.K Rowling, Jay-Z, Phil Knight)

I heard a quote recently “I can tell you how successful someone will be by seeing how many times they have failed prior.” The fear that sits in your mind thinking “it may not work out” will always be true if you never give it a shot. You can’t make the shot without shooting.

Instead of waiting; go for it. You can always go back to doing the same as before, but I guaranteed once you create momentum you won’t stop trying and you wont turn back.