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How many of you have already given up on your new year’s resolution?

People desire quick results.  Not many are willing to put forth the timely commitment to make lasting results.  If people were willing to expand their time horizon before expecting results a lot would change. Every overnight success has a longer plot that you are unaware of.  

I challenge you as you embark on your next “goal” to push out that time horizon.  I know you can achieve success in a short time frame, but once you accomplish that “goal” what happens next? You go back to your old ways.  We can all relate to the fad diet, or the once existing workout regime we were doing.  

If you are willing to shift out that time horizon, you are now committed to making a lifestyle change, rather than achieving a short-term goal and its short term impact.  These lifestyle changes need to be sustainable, not life altering.  Lifestyle changes can reshape your life.  

Write down a few things that you would like to implement into your lifestyle.

Put them on a sticky note and stick them where you will see them daily.  Constantly seeing them brings awareness and before you know it, you will be reaping the rewards of your lifestyle change(s).  

With strength, 

Colin Masterson 

Owner – CM1 Performance