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Leveling Up!

What is the number one asset we all want more of? Time! When I think to myself, what am I working for? The same answers continue to appear:

1) More Time/Autonomy

2) Financial Freedom

Looking back at how I’ve come to where I am it took a decent amount of sacrifice that I’m sure not everyone agreed with. At 26 I quit my job as an accountant to bet on myself and took an unpaid internship at The University of Maryland. While most colleges and friends are getting job promotions and salary raises, I was seeing my savings account dwindle. As I transitioned from Maryland to Villanova, I again was an unpaid intern before coming onto payroll as a 10-month employee. As the months passed and my paid internship ended, I still was not able to land a full-time roll. With a potential full time, position opening at Villanova on the horizon I worked for an additional two months unpaid trying to prove my value to the staff. During that period, I learned how to work! There was multiple 12–16-hour workdays, 7 day work weeks, missed friend gatherings, weddings and other celebrations. For what? For the long-term vision.

Personally, I enjoy working and what I do for a living. I say that because it allows me to make these sacrifices knowing that everything has a tradeoff, and I am willing to make these tradeoffs for the greater good of myself and my career. I know the response this will have a lot of you thinking…. that seems selfish. Yes! It is selfish! I am okay with being selfish because as I reflect on some of the decisions that I have made during these past 5 years it has created opportunities that I would have never of imagined.

What has changed in this timeframe?

Over this time, I have become very selective with my time because it is the most valuable thing I own. Prioritizing my fitness continues to be a non-negotiable (health, wellness, nutrition). My energy has shifted. I have found a few of the best mentors and started hanging out with others who want to do dope shit with their lives. My mindset has changed. Lastly, I have become even more addicted!

At 30 I am unsure of what the future holds. I wake up excited for each day. I love helping others and seeing my friends win. I’m continuing to build for the future. I will continually challenge myself and others and be unapologetic with my balance of work and life because champions do not have balance. I know this lifestyle is not for everyone and that is okay, but for those interested, it is addicting and the equation for most of this is easy.

1. Make your solutions > Excuses.

2. Trim and stack

To a safe and healthy future for all of you. Remember to always bring good energy, keep building, keeping winning and keep dreaming!

Much love,