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 As a fitness professional, one of the most common questions I receive from clients and people on social media is how can they incorporate more physical activity into their daily routines? Everyone has a busy schedule, some more than others, finding time to exercise can be a challenge.  There are many simple and effective ways to increase your daily activity levels with just minor tweaks in your daily routine. The biggest fault I see is people try to make drastic, unsustainable changes. 

First and foremost, consider making small changes in your daily habits.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk to lunch/work instead of driving.  Ride your bike to lunch/work.  Take the time to get outside and take a quick walk during your lunch break.  If/when you take your kids to practice at night use that time to get outside and go for a walk/run.  Small daily habits like this can add up to significant increase in physical activity in just a small amount of time.  

Another effective way to incorporate more physical activity is to prioritize it.  Mark it on your calendar.  Example: every Tuesday & Thursday you will wake up 45 mins earlier to jumpstart your day with a walk.  Every night before you shower you perform 10 push-ups and you increase the amount each week (progressive overload). Small goals like this can help build momentum towards making exercise a habit. 

In addition to those two mentioned above, consider finding a workout partner (accountability buddy).  Building a small community will help hold you accountable on times where you don’t feel like it or want to skip.  There is a real power in the community; that is why something like crossfit has become so popular.   

Lastly, you need to find an activity you enjoy.  Not everyone enjoys running on a treadmill. Look to find something that you will enjoy and see yourself committing too.  Tennis, paddle ball, dancing, swimming, biking. The options are endless, but when you enjoy an activity you are more likely to stick to it.

In conclusion, incorporating physical activity into your daily routine doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming.  The goal out the gate is making small adjustments, building momentum, creating a bit of accountability, and finding something you can see yourself enjoying.  If you can check a few of these boxes you will be well on your way and feeling confident about increasing your physical activity and improving your overall health and fitness. 


With strength, 

Colin Masterson 

Owner – CM1 Performance