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How I Train: Optimize Your Performance


As a performance coach, I’m often asked about my training methods. Contrary to popular belief, my passion lies not just in training, but in coaching and helping others build strong and healthy bodies. To reach a broader audience, I ventured into digital programming, allowing me to deliver top-quality programs to my growing list of online clients. Here I’ll share my dynamic training approach that has led to significant improvements in my strength and overall performance.


Embracing Efficient Workouts

 Gone are the days of long, exhaustive workouts. My training routine now focuses on efficient sessions that last between 30 to 60 minutes, allowing me to manage my business and cater to my online clients effectively.



A Balanced Weekly Training Split

 My training week is designed for balanced development, targeting different areas of the body while providing ample rest. Here’s my weekly training split:


Monday: Total Body – Upper

Tuesday: Total Body – Lower (Unilateral exercises)

Wednesday: Pilates/Barre/Arms

Thursday: Total Body – Lower

Friday: Total Body – Upper + Primer (activation exercises)

Saturday: Fill the Buckets (addressing weak points)

Sunday: Rest/Movement (active recovery)



Evolving Training Style

To keep my workouts engaging and effective, I continuously evolve my training style. Whether it’s bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman, or hybrid training, I believe in offering variety to challenge the body and achieve better results.  If you were asked to eat the same meal for the rest of your life, would you? I doubt it, so why would you be married to one training style, that has you plateauing year over year.

Periodization for Progress

I structure my training in 4-5 week blocks, including a deload week for recovery. Throughout these cycles, several aspects change to promote progress:


Exercise Selection: Remains consistent

Volume: Adjusts to increase or decrease workload

Intensity: Varied to challenge the body

Density: Increased to boost productivity

Tempo: Modified to keep the body adapting


The Power of Full-Body Training

Full-body training is at the core of my routine. It accommodates my busy lifestyle and allows flexibility in scheduling. If a session is missed, it’s easy to reschedule without waiting for a specific day to train a particular body part.  It also keeps my body feeling fresh since I am consistently greasing the groove of both upper and lower body.


The Results of a Dynamic Approach

By optimizing my training through a dynamic approach, I have witnessed substantial improvements in both my strength and overall performance. This approach has proven that doing less with purpose yields better results than mindlessly pushing harder.



My journey in the performance world has led me to discover the power of a dynamic training approach. By embracing efficient workouts, a balanced weekly training split, and constantly evolving my style, I’ve achieved impressive results. Through periodization and full-body training, I have become stronger, both in the weight room and in life. Embrace the power of dynamic training and unlock your true potential!


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