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Listening to one of my favorite podcasts a few weeks back, Chasing Edges, by Logan Gelbrich (@functionalcoach), I came across a great episode that struck a chord with me: Chasing Edges: Episode 58. Logan not only demonstrates the ability to create asymmetrical value in the fitness space, but he is also a developmental leader consistently offering blogs and education. I needed to learn more about him and the standards that he has for himself and his community at Deuce Gym.  

The idea of “standards”…

What are standards

Why do we need standards

Standards are a repeatable, harmonized, agreed and documented way of doing something. 

Without standards life would be laissez-faire.  

This idea kept swirling through my head.  Why am I so interested in this topic?  For as long as I can remember, I have been infatuated by high performing teams.  What makes them so great? Why are there teams that aren’t that talented performing way above their potential?  And vice versa, why are there ultra talented teams that are constantly underperforming?

I firmly believe it’s because of their standards.

Think about the highest performing teams in the world, The Navy Seals. Why are their standards so high? They have to be! The price of error is so great: life or death.  

“Are great teams hard to get on because they are great, or are they great because they are hard to get on?” 

Although in our jobs the consequences are likely not as significant, they can still be detrimental. Teams that uphold the standard, will be faced with explicit conversation, sacrifice and delayed gratification. None of the above are easy, but the payoff will be transformative.

The details in this video may not seem like a big deal, but the standard is not just with large ticket items.  The standard needs to be withheld in everything you do.  I see it all the time working with sports teams, dirty lockers, not matching with the practice uniform, leaving equipment out.  The small things lead to the big things, not vice versa 

With this, I pose the question to you, do you have high enough standards for yourself, your team, your community?

Are you/they holding the standard?

With strength, 

Colin Masterson 

Owner – CM1 Performance