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Game Time Communication – How it can benefit your business

As a football player, game time communication is crucial in all aspects for a successful game.  Game time communication is not just about talking to each other during a game, but also about understanding each other’s signals, body language, and knowing what your teammates are thinking.  Game time communication is the ultimate effective communication. It is direct, explicit, consistent, and is trusted.  

Direct communication is one key to success on the field. In the heat of the moment, there is no time for beating around the bush.  Players need to be able to communicate what they need, what they see and what they are going to do in a clear and concise way.  Direct communication helps avoid misunderstandings and confusion.  

Explicit communication is also crucial during games.  Players need to be able to explain what they mean and what they mean in detail without worrying about feelings being hurt.  This helps ensure that everyone is on the same page and that there are no miscommunications. 

Consistent language is essential for effective communication.  Football players use specific terms and signals to communicate with each other.  It is important that each player understand and use the same terminology to avoid confusion.  This language allows players to communicate quickly and effectively, without the need for lengthy explanations.  

Lastly, game time communication is based on trust.  Players need to trust each other’s abilities and judgment in split second situations.  Even if the roll caller is wrong, if all players can trust the call and as a team they play as a cohesive group that is better than each performing their own individual call.  

So how can businesses benefit from game time communication? Many of the same principles apply. Direct, explicit, consistent can help avoid misunderstandings and ensure that everyone is on the same page. Trust is essential also. When team members trust each other, they are more likely to rely on each other’s communication and make better decisions.  Adopting game time communication will help hold a standard and likely elevate high performers in your business and remove those who aren’t cut out for your standards.  

To bring this all together, game time communication can be applied in business just like it is in football.  Direct, explicit, consistent, and trust are all important aspects of effective communication that can benefit any team, on or off the field.  


With strength, 

Colin Masterson 

Owner – CM1 Performance