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Energy is the capacity for doing work. In physics, energy is the quantitative property that is transferred to a body or to a physical system, recognizable in the performance of work.

Energy is a conserved quantity meaning that energy can be converted in form, but never created not destroyed. It is finite.

Enough with the science. When you think of energy there are probably two that come to mind. Positive and negative energy.

Negative Energy:

1. Find faults with everyone/everything

2. Trying to bring others/you down

3. Tolerate little/no disappointment

4. Does not handle criticism well

5. Afraid to take risk

Positive Energy

1. Being kind & generous

2. Engaging in positive self-talk

3. Pursing goals

4. High levels of gratitude

5. Support and encouraging others

At 30 years old I am still a work in progress, but in recent years have made the shift from energy neutral to having and creating positive energy. This does not mean I do not have bad days because I do, but they are far and few between. I am also realistic. I understand everyone has different situation some not as fortunate as others but pouring negative energy on top of the fire is not going to help put it out. It is going to make it grow.

Why am I speaking on this? Now more than ever it is hard to be happy. There are constant pressures. Personal pressures, social pressures, and media pressures. Individuals are having less in person interactions as we move towards a more virtual reality. I am not sure about you, but I feed off being around others. You will not catch me ordering Starbucks early to skip the line, I would rather stand there and potentially have a conversation with another who is in line or have a positive interaction with the cashier. Human interaction fuels me.

Since 2018 when I quit my job as a financial analyst, I have noticed such a shift in my energy. I find myself being more generous and kinder, pursuing goals, supporting others, and having a sense of gratitude. Does that mean you should quit your job? No! I am not saying that, but what I am saying is you need to take an evaluation of yourself. Evaluate what brings you positive/negative energy. After doing so, start to spend time doing more of what brings you that positive energy and distancing yourself from the negatives.

As a coach when I walk into a room there are certain things I can control and others that I cannot. One that I can is energy. I work really hard to create a positive environment. One that is comforting for the student athletes. An environment that engages in personal conversation, positive self-talk, and support for one another. In doing so it is (the energy) directly reflected back to me.

To be frank I have my hands in a lot of endeavors from being a sports performance coach, personal trainer, student, entrepreneur, and employee for other companies. My friends see that I am busy and honestly, I would not want it any other way. People ask me are not you tired? How do you have this much energy? Quite frankly its easy. From the time I start in the morning coaching college athletes to afternoon personal training sessions, travel lacrosse teams, building my own brand in the fitness space, my personal fitness goals, finishing out my MBA at Villanova to conversations with likeminded individuals…they all energize me! There are times at night driving home when I reflect on how grateful I am for it all. The best part is I am only just getting started.

If you have been following along recently, I say it quite often “I love seeing my friends win.” In a world full of negatives be a light to others. Be your biggest fan. Support your friends and others. If you notice someone going through a tough time do not hesitate to reach out first and be there for them. Take it upon yourself to be a ray of positive energy and I promise, you will see a shift in your energy as well. Finally, always take the time to give gratitude.

As always – Much Love

Colin Masterson