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Creating A Better Self - Misogi

Creating A Better Self - Misogi

A lot of people in life get stuck.  They say they want to create a better self, but they don’t know where to start.  

I introduce you to Misogi – A modern recreation of an ancient practice.  It’s the act of deeply challenging yourself in nature, and it was used until recently across cultures to help people build an unbeatable individuals and teams.  

Creating A Better Self - Comfort Crisis

The word misogi is deemed from an ancient practice but came upon me through the book “The Comfort Crisis”, by Michael Easter.  

Misgoi – an act of deeply challenging yourself in nature.


For me, someone who isn’t a nature buff, I drop the “in nature” part.  


To me Misogi means to do something deeply challenging.  In fact I have a strong belief that you should do something deeply challenging 1-2 times per year.  These events are different for everyone.  For me, someone who has grown up having a deep desire for fitness, it’s been a lot of fitness based activities.  


Creating A Better Self - Misogi = Growth

After sport you no longer have a reason to compete, but I still wanted to.  I was still chasing edges trying to learn and llatch onto something.  I first found crossfit.  I loved it because of the combination of strength, speed, skills and endurance.  After a short tenure in the space I shifted back into traditional performance training, but something was missing.  


At age 26 I quit my job in the finance world and took an unpaid internship that lasted 10 months.  Not ideal timing, but I fell in love. I was in love with the process, the uncertainty, the challenge of what was next.  Those experiences shaped me.  At 29 I ran my first ½ marathon. At 30 I ran my first full marathon and competed in a sprint triathlon.  This year at 31 I will be competing in my first ½ ironman event in Geneva, NY.  


While doing all of the above events I have also completed an MBA,  built my own company, partnered with others and became an executive assistant of a Non-Profit organization.  What I have found out about myself is, I love the challenge, I love the process.  I need the feeling that I am growing even though at times it feels like I am stagnant.  


If you are someone who feels comfortable, I offer you the idea to commit to something challenging/uncomfortable 1-2 times per year and I guarantee you it will help reshape you and elevate you personally and professionally.




With Strength,

Colin Masterson 

Owner – CM1 Performance 

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