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Conquering My First Half Ironman 70.3


After months of dedicated training and careful planning, I stood at the starting line on 7/9/2023, ready to push my limits and embrace the challenges that awaited me. Join me on this journey as I dive into the water, conquer the miles on my bike, and push through a demanding half marathon to become an Ironman. Let’s explore the triumphs, setbacks, and the overwhelming sense of accomplishment that comes with completing an event that only a fraction of the world ever achieves.

Setting Up For Success

As the sun began to rise in Geneva, NY, on the morning of the event, my excitement was palpable. Brendan and I fueled up with a quick breakfast before arriving at the course around 5:15 am, giving us ample time to set up in the transition area. Although I had some initial uncertainties about arranging my gear, snacks, and familiarizing myself with the course, I remained determined to make the most of this opportunity.


Navigating The Swim

With the sound of the starting horn echoing through the air at 6:30 am, the first group dove into the water, while I positioned myself a bit further back in my swim group (40-45 minutes). As I waded closer to the water’s edge, a sense of tranquility washed over me, and I was mentally prepared to take on the challenge. However, just seven minutes into the swim, an unexpected kick knocked my goggles off my face, momentarily unsettling me. I quickly regained my composure, swam to the nearest kayak for assistance, and resumed my swim. Despite drifting off course in those initial strokes, I regrouped, focused on my mantra, and powered through the swim, buoy by buoy. Finally, after 55 minutes of intense effort, I emerged from the water, ready to transition to the next leg of the race.



Conquering The Bike Ride

Relieved to leave the swim behind me, I quickly refueled with a bite of my PB and Banana sandwich, stashed my snacks in my biking suit, and embarked on the 56-mile journey ahead. Along the route, my mind wandered, and various thoughts crossed my path. I reminded myself that this was a marathon, not a sprint, and I should savor every moment. Grateful for the water and Gatorade stations along the way, I battled against the brutal headwind and marveled at the stunning blue waters around miles 15 to 26. Reaching the halfway point, I encountered double quad cramps at mile 40, but I soldiered on, knowing that it was all downhill from there. The fatigue started to set in at mile 50, yet I remained determined. With the knowledge that a half marathon awaited me, I completed the bike leg and prepared for the next challenge.

Transition To The Run

Back in the transition area, I swiftly switched my gear, ensuring fresh socks, shoes, hat, and shorts for the grueling run. As I started at a slow pace, I reminded myself that this wasn’t just a 13-mile run, but a series of 13 one-mile runs. My strategy was to run from one fueling station to the next, gradually building momentum with each passing mile. The first mile felt like an eternity, but with each step forward, my confidence grew. Running through Ironman Village, I absorbed the electrifying energy radiating from the crowd and found inspiration in the camaraderie of my fellow athletes. Regardless of shape or size, we were united by our shared goal of surpassing our own expectations. By mile 10, the realization that I was about to become an Ironman sank in, fueling my determination for the final stretch.

The Sweet Taste of Victory

The last 0.1 miles were a rollercoaster of emotions. Firstly, a profound sense of gratitude washed over me. The journey leading up to this moment had demanded sacrifices and the unwavering support of countless individuals. While Ironman may seem like a solitary pursuit, it truly takes a village to achieve such a feat. Secondly, an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment enveloped me. Looking back at my journey, from struggling to swim a single lap in a pool to not owning a bike, I have now conquered an event that less than 1% of the world can claim. Lastly, thoughts of “what’s next?” began to percolate in my mind, stirring the desire to continue challenging myself and exploring new horizons.

Join Me On The Journey

Thank you for joining me on this adventure. Your support and encouragement have meant the world to me. As we move forward, let’s continue pushing the boundaries of what we believe we can achieve. Together, let’s embrace the extraordinary and redefine our limits. Stay tuned for more exciting endeavors and inspiring stories that will motivate you to embark on your own path of self-discovery and achievement.

With Strength,

Colin Masterson

Employee – CM1 Performance

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