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Are you following the wrong training split?

What is your current training split? Do you even know? The number of individuals I encounter who are simply bullshitting their workout routines is astonishing. Some are influenced by fitness gurus, while others stick to their old collegiate training plans. Why is this such a prevalent issue? Why don’t people invest the time and effort to discover the right program?


So, what is the right program? Well, the answer depends on several factors. That might not directly answer your question, but consider this: What are you training for? How much time can you allocate to training? What are your specific fitness objectives? What equipment and facilities do you have access to? If the program you’re following or the coach you’re relying on isn’t asking these critical questions, how can they possibly determine the most suitable program for you?


Here’s what I can tell you. Approximately 85-90% of you would greatly benefit from adopting a total body-focused training split. This means that each day you work out, you target your entire body, ensuring that you engage in exercises that cover pushing, pulling, hinging, squatting, carrying, core work, and aerobic conditioning.


A simplified blueprint might resemble the following:


Monday: Total Body: Squats and Bench Press

Tuesday: Aerobic Conditioning: 40-60 minutes of Zone 2 cardio

Wednesday: Total Body: Hinge and Vertical Pull; Low-intensity aerobic conditioning 

Thursday: Aerobic Conditioning: 40-60 minutes of Zone 2 cardio 

Friday: Unilateral and Incline Bench; Conditioning: Interval Training 

Saturday: Rest 

Sunday: Rest


This is a broad framework of what I would recommend in your program. At first glance, some might argue that it includes a significant amount of cardio. But here’s the twist: Cardio doesn’t necessarily hinder your muscle gains! In fact, many of you could benefit from incorporating more Zone 2 cardio into your routine. Zone 2 cardio can help reduce stress levels and resting heart rate, while simultaneously increasing your work capacity and ability to recover. Consequently, Zone 2 cardio can actually enhance your overall strength.


If you’re now questioning the effectiveness of your current program, it’s probably time for a change, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way.



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